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This Light Art installation, titled "Neuron," draws inspiration from the fascinating world of neurons and brain connectivity. The primary objective of this artwork is to explore the interaction between light, motion, and human perception through an artistic representation of neurons and their branches.


The installation comprises a series of neuron-shaped structures created using translucent materials and LED lights. Each neuron is intricately designed with mobile branches that smoothly and organically. These branches consist of light filaments, symbolising the electrical and chemical signals transmitted through neuronal synapses.


Interactivity is a crucial element in this installation. Visitors can actively engage in the artistic experience, as their presence and movement near the neurons trigger changes in the behaviour of the luminous branches. Motion sensors capture the viewers' movements, eliciting visual responses in the neuronal branches. For example, when someone approaches a neuron, the branches may move in response to their presence, creating a dynamic and astonishing visual effect. 

Commissioned by Canary Wharf Group

Neuron 1.jpg
Neuron 2.jpg
Neuron 3.jpg
Neuron 4.jpg
Neuron 5.jpg
Neuron 7.jpg
Neuron 8.jpg
Neuron 9.jpg
Neuron 10.jpg
Neuron 11.jpg
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